What to Expect

Whether you want help with weight management, digestive issues or you want to perform better – it all comes down to a nutrition plan that suits you.

Initial Consultation
It starts with an initial consultation, where we talk about your nutrition and lifestyle  routines, take all the necessary base measurements we need, discuss any goals you may have (or we can set some) and then I develop a tailored plan to help you reach them.
(Base measurements include a physical examination to ascertain your weight, height, blood pressure, and other similar data. It may be necessary to request further tests through your GP).

Test the Plan
Once we’ve made a plan, you go away and test it. Live with it.
It needs to be maintainable for you to stick to it – but you need to be motivated too.
And remember – it’s small steps at a time, I am here to help during your journey.

Assess the Plan with a follow up appointment
Once you’ve followed the plan for the time period we decide on, we meet again and take some more measurements and assess how you’re going at reaching your goal(s). We then may make adjustments to your current plan or create a different set of goals for you to reach. Totally depends on where your at and what you want to accomplish.